Recording Services

Recording Services is a department within the Frost School of Music which is closely tied to the Music Engineering Technology (MUE) and Audio Engineering (EAN) programs, but which operates under the Concert Hall Management umbrella. This department provides both recording and sound reinforcement services within the two major performance venues, Gusman and Clarke halls, with all engineering work performed by trained student intern engineers.

Recording Services is able to offer a very high standard of performance, but with the goal of keeping the rate sheet very affordable as a service to Frost School of Music performers and guests. Recital packages have been put together to help simplify the ordering process for Frost School of Music student recitalists.

Our equipment and technical capabilities are constantly being updated, with the latest listings available here. (Please note: We do not offer our equipment for rent, and we do not allow its use outside of our two main performance venues.)

When planning your event, it is very helpful for us to receive a diagram of how the setup will look on stage. Stage plots with dimensions of Gusman and Clarke are provided here for your convenience.

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